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What non-runners tell runners

To my fellow runners: we all have a few friends, family members, and coworkers who just don’t get it. They often ask the same thing, wonder why we run, and can’t comprehend why we even run.  I find myself just smiling and nodding at their comments or responding to their question with a short answer as I often feel that they meant to ask a rhetorical question and they have no idea no idea I can actually go off for a while answering the question. To my fellow non-runners: here is what I often hear from you guys and what I have to say.

Don’t you get bored of running so many miles?
The more, the better! The thrill of adding another mile outweighs anything. Running 3 miles just doesn’t give you the same rush a 10, 12, 14 mile run does. How can you possibly get bored, when you are on a runner’s high? When there are so many thing to see around you? When the weather is actually perfect and the wind is whispering to you to keep on running!

What if it rains while you are running?
What if it rains the day of the race? Am I going to go seek shelter? No, rain never melted anyone. You keep on running! You run until your run is over. Then worry about blisters later.

Running too much is bad for you.
Not running nor doing physical activity is bad for you. I know what’s next: “But what about your knees?” My response, what about this healthy heart? What about this cardio conditioning? What about this flat tummy? Yes, knees can be affected, but running is not all we do. Strength training, yoga and swimming are all helpful to make our body strong and ready for those long runs.

The day you come back to the office after a race and they ask, “Did you win?”
I did. I won the minute I started training. I won through every mile I ran. I won when I crossed the finish line and I won when I added a medal to the collection. Oh wait, did you mean if I finished first? Oh.

Are you getting paid to run?
Oh wouldn’t we all want to be sponsored by Nike or win the NYC Marathon? No, I am not getting paid.. I actually pay quite a lot for each race but it’s worth every penny!

Do you eat everything you want?
I actually watch what I eat more than people think. I make sure that the calories I am eating will be fuel for my runs and not empty calories. I watch how much protein and carbohydrates I eat and drink water all day long. I don’t actually eat meat (but that’s just me). I don’t drink alcoholic drinks as much. But you damn right I do take advantage of the carb loading days 🙂

You know all the things you could be doing instead of running?
Such as?.. I mean, I love doing this. Why not do what I love? You don’t have to. I get a rush when I run at 5:30AM on a Saturday morning. How dare you tell me that I can be doing other things? I often finish my Saturday runs before 8AM. Sounds to me like I have a full day ahead of me.

Is running all you talk about?
Well… if it’s training season, yes. And if it’s not, then I talk about when training season will begin 🙂

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I am a bit obsessed with running… But it’s a healthy obsession, right? What are you obsessed with? What makes you get up at 5AM or make you talk about it forever?Am I missing something fellow runners? Are you a non-runner with more questions/comments? I’d love to know what other thoughts you have. Leave your comments below!

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