The Move from Miami to Houston

Ever since I moved from Miami to Houston, I have been feeling like I don’t belong. People keep telling me that little by little the city will grow in me but quite honestly it has not. It’s quite exciting to live in a new city but it can be scary too.

I haven’t made any friends except for the ones that are actually from Miami and moved to Houston too. Let me tell you, making friends in a new city after college is hard. It’s not like in college, when you would make friends with whoever sat next to you in a class, or whoever shared the table with you in the library or with the friend of the friend that invited you to a party. But after college, it feels like no one is as open to meeting new people anymore. My coworkers are a nice group of people. But they are about 20 years older than me, married and with kids. Nothing wrong with that, they just have a different lifestyle. They’re lovely people, just not friends.

It’s like I’m a fish out of water. and when I say fish out of water I kind of meant it literally too. I miss the beach.I have always lived in a place close to the ocean. Well, let me be specific, close to nice oceans. Before living in Miami, I lived in Venezuela and the beaches are beautiful at both places. There is a beach about 45 minutes from where I live now but I haven’t even gone there yet. Most people say the water is dark due to the oil here in Texas and it is not like going to a beach in Miami.

If there is one thing I took for granted back in Miami was the food. I miss the food. Houston has many many many restaurants to choose from and good ones too! I do enjoy going to different ones whenever we can. But Miami is a city full with many nationalities which makes it easy to find different foods from different countries. I miss Venezuelan food (of course), I miss Cuban food, I miss Peruvian food, I miss Hispanic breakfasts like empanadas, arepas, and pastelitos. I miss them so much that my face is frowning as I write this and my stomach is beginning to growl.

I don’t want this post to sound as a complaint. I always wanted to live somewhere outside of home and I am enjoying it in different ways even if I feel like an outsider in this city. I mean, I am anyways, right?  I am getting to like Houston in the sense of the job opportunity and good changes that this city has given to us. I love my life, my job and how my relationship with my fiance has been taken to a whole other level after moving in together. Being far from our family and friends has given us more time to be together and share moments that we had not shared before. But home is where the heart always is and not a day passes by that we don’t think of home.

  • I know what you mean. I’ve lived in different parts of the UK but have settled about 20 miles from my home town. That might not be as far as you have strayed, but crossing the border from the West Midlands to the East Midlands (a border not found on any map but as real and forbidding as the iron curtain was) is a culture shock. We live in a small town in Derbyshire now and I swear we’re the only ones in our street not related to everyone else. If there was a zombie apocalypse I’m not sure I’d notice. The only person I really talk,to, and understand the accent of, is the next door neighbour and that’s only because he’s also from my home town. I don’t have much to say to the rest of them, except when I ask them to please stop licking my windows!

    • Ari

      Haha! Oh god. That is so much worse than my situation. Definitely a culture shock. I guess it is good and bad because it makes you so much more cultured and knowledgable of other cities. It makes you be a well rounded person. But at times it can get so depressing or stressful to not have family close by. It makes you question yourself too. Like I start asking myself, am I the weird one? I don’t think I am or they are. We are just both different.

      It’s funny how you only talk to your next door neighbor because he is from your hometown. I totally understand that. I have two friends with who I hang out every weekend with and they’re from my hometown as well. They’re becoming family now.

      Thank you sooo much for sharing your experience . Sometimes I feel like I am the only that doesn’t fit in at a different city. I hope it all gets better for both of us!

      • Yes, you are the weird one. Nah, I’m only joking. Although there’s nothing wrong with being different, it just means everyone else either lacks the courage or the imagination to be different themselves.
        I’m not being ignorant by not talking to people, I’m just too busy to spend time talking rubbish. No that is ignorant isn’t it? Ah well. Hehehe
        Don’t worry, you’ll meet friends when you least expect to. Join clubs or something. If all else fails then we’ll still be pals eh?

        • Ari

          Haha! And you’re not being ignorant. I totally get you on that. Of course we will still pals! Thanks Danny. Good luck!

  • I’ve always lived in the same state for my whole life, and I’ve wanted to venture outside my mitten (I live in Michigan) but I’ve always been terrified of this happening! Regardless of whether you decide to tough it out in Houston or go home, at least you tried, which is way more than I can say. Follow your heart and it will take you home!
    Randi | Randi with an i

    • Ari

      Thanks Randi! It’s true. I always wanted to experience living somewhere away from home and it’s happening. I am enjoy many things from it but it comes with a price and being away from family is not as easy as I thought it would be!

      You’re advice is so sweet 🙂 thank you! <3

  • I understand what you mean about meeting people & making friends. It’s really hard for me to make friends and oftentimes I feel like the effort to make friends isn’t worth it because it takes me SO long to open up! It’s natural to feel homesick, especially when you haven’t fully “fit” in yet. I felt so homesick when I lived out of California for a year- I missed my family SO much and everything about the state. My family is my heart and like you said- home is where the heart is. I’m happier now that I live back in California but honestly, I do think that with enough time I could have made another state a home. Some things just take time and an open heart. I think it’s great that you appreciate everything the new city has offered you, & I’m sure you’ll find your place 🙂

    • Ari

      Thank Jenny! I am really trying to love the city. I miss my family sooo much! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to call Texas my home I do hope it feels close to it at some point.

      Thank so much for sharing your experience. I’m glad you are back home and happy. That really is all that matters! Hope I can say I moved back to Florida one day too! 🙂

  • Jessica

    At least you like your job! At my old job I didn’t really make any friends with my co-workers because they were a lot older than me… shoot their kids were my age haha but they were nice! I have never moved to a new city… I was raised in this city that I live in now and am still living here after getting married. I used to say that I would like to me somewhere near, far away… but I can’t be far from my family (parents and siblings) as annoying as they may be, they are awesome and I don’t like being too far away!


    • Jessica

      Okay, I have no idea what I was thinking when writing the last part of that comment haha it makes no sense! This is what it should say: “I used to say that I would like to move somewhere far away… but I can’t be too far from my family (parents and siblings) as annoying as they may be (lol, I say that in a very loving way) they are awesome and I don’t like being too far away from them!”

      • Ari

        I completely understood you! haha. That is something that has been tough for me too. Ii miss my brothers and parents. I miss going to their baseball games and stuff :/ I do like our jobs and we are planning on moving back in a few years but establish our careers first. Family is definitely important to us too!

  • I know how you feel about meeting new people. I’m an introvert. After graduating college it’s hard to meet new people who share the same interest as you. Through work I’ve met really nice people but they are already settled. I’ve tried going to meet-ups and other events to connect with other people. It’s hard at first when you move to a new place, just give it time.

    • Ari

      Yes! I’ve tried meet ups as well. My fiancé goes to volleyball and tennis meet ups. But he plays and that’s it. People aren’t too open.

      Yea, we just have to give it time. Thank you for sharing <3

  • Love your blog! Cannot wait to read more 🙂

  • I can only imagine how hard that is. I moved an hour away from my family and I had a hard time with that. Hopefully you start to feel like you belong there soon and that it’s just a matter of time!

    • Ari

      Yes. It is so hard :/ I wish I were an a hour away. Thanks. It is just a matter of time.. <3

  • Aww I hope you start to find your place soon!

    • Ari

      Thanks Jamie 🙂 very sweet. I hope so too

  • It must be hard trying to connect with people in a new place. I am an introvert, so that makes it even more difficult. Maybe you can join a book club, a running club, or a dine out group- something that interests you and/or your fiancé as a way to meet people with similar interests. I’m sure it will come with time. Good luck! 🙂

    • Ari

      I know I have to look into that. I am an introvert as well and it’s challenging to me. I’m very talkative once I know someone but when I don’t, I’m the whole opposite.

      I hope it comes with time as well 😉 thanks ! 🙂

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