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Race Recap: 3M Half Marathon

Woooaaaa the 3M Half Marathon was fun! This race took place in Austin, TX on January 22, 2017. Although I have done 2 full marathons before, this was my first half-marathon race. Yes, I have run over 13 miles numerous times, but always during training. Hence, my pace has been slower during those training runs since I was pacing for longer runs.

I also must admit that I only reeeally trained for this half marathon during January. So I only had 3 weeks of training. I spent the holidays in Miami, visiting family, I had too much fun, too much food, and a little too many alcoholic beverages which made it hard for me to focus on the race. After those two marathons in 2016, I sort of wanted to let go for a month. You know what I mean?

Anyways, let’s start with the PROs and the 1 very tiny-itty-bitty CON for the 3M Half Marathon.


  • Temperature in the high 50s. It’s a good time of year to race pretty much anywhere in the U.S. It was a bit windy which a couple of times went against me (especially sinceI weigh 120lbs) but it was not to the point that I felt it immensely affected my time in a negative way. Once I got through those couple of instances, that didn’t last more than a minute each, the rest of the race was good to go 🙂


  • Donwhills! The course goes down in elevation! It starts at 1,000 ft. high and ends at a 559 ft. in elevation. There were a couple of uphills (very small).


  • Nice bling! The medal was so cute! It even spins!! Check it out here. How cool is that??!


  • Awesome t-shirt! One thing I love is having race t-shirts that represent the city. They are every runner’s souvenir (aside from the medal). But it is something I wear and show off whenever. It’d be a bit weird if I wore my medal to places… So I was extremely happy to see how cool this t-shirt was. And it is very great quality 🙂


  • Small cheering crowd. It is a small race, so it is expected to have a small crowd cheering through every mile. However, I said this was a tiny-itty-bitty CON because the few folks that were there cheering were AMAZING!!! It’s Austin, you can’t expect anything less than nice people everywhere.


The course:

The start and finish line are not at the same place. You start to the North of Austin, TX and finish right in front of the Texas State Capitol building. So, great view!

The result:

I wanted to finish under 2 hours. I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t finish under that time since I did not train like I should have. But hey, adrenaline kicked in and I did it!! I’m a sub 2 hour half marathoner 🙂 I can only image what my body can do if I focus on training for the next one! WHICH I WILL. (More on how I will do that on upcoming posts).

What I used on the race:

  • My wireless headphones. I can’t run with a cable hanging on my chest. These headphones fit AND stay in my ear through massive sweat! Not to mention I bought them for $98 two years ago and they are now on Amazon for $35 !!!! Can’t believe they are still working so good after 2 years!
  • My waistband which holds my gels and even my iPhone 7 plus (which is huge). It’s very rare to be able to find one that fits comfortably and is not a big and enough to fit the phone. This was it band is just nice and thin 🙂
  • The gels, of course! I buy a whole box on Amazon. (Cheaper than buying them individually). I took two during the course. One at mile 4 and another on mile 8. Do you use natural alternatives? If so, please leave me a comment naming your favorite alternatives! I’m interested in switching this up for something healthier. For now, these gels are sooo efficient!

I plan on doing a few half marathons this year (bank account permitting). They are such a perfect distance of going long but at the same time being able to walk properly the next day. Signing up for races is what keeps me on track. I am still planning on doing a full marathon towards the end of the year though. Any recommendations?

Did you run the 3M Half Marathon? Tell me your experience!! What other half marathons do you recommend in Texas?


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