Ahhh…. Injuries suck!

So… it’s week 10 of my Marine Corps Marathon training aaaannd I’m injured.

I’ve had to slow down my running these past couple of weeks. I’m going crazy. I’m upset, I’m frustrated and I’m nervous. I’m upset because I knowwww I have to stretch before and after my runs and due to slacking and always rushing my runs into my schedule, I am paying for it. I’m frustrated because it hurts to run, so I’ve stopped to let the leg rest. And I’m obviously nervous that I may not be doing my PR at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Last week I went to the Doctor, I got anti inflammatory pills. The pain is on my right calf. After taking the pills for 5 days, it has gotten better but there is still a slight pain there. I’ll give it until 14 days taking the anti inflammatory to see if I’ll be able to continue this training or not. So far this is how my training has gone:

  • Week 1: 26 miles, feeling great
  • Week 2: 38 miles, still feeling great.
  • Week 3: 41 miles, feeling emotionally tired.
  • Week 4: 37 miles, getting used to the mileage.
  • Week 5: 43 miles, enjoying the training, hating the heat.
  • Week 6: 41 miles, feeling slight discomfort on my calf.
  • Week 7: No miles, pain was so bad I had to rest.
  • Week 8: 25 miles, kicked it back up slowly. Felt okay but pain was there.
  • Week 9: 18 miles, went to the doctor, got anti-inflammatories
  • Week 10: In progress….

I’m really hoping I can kick back the miles again. Pain free.
I just wanted to rant on this post. It’s been a while since I’ve posted something and somehow writing, helped with the frustration of sitting here instead of currently being outside running.

Let’s keep fingers crossed for a quick recovery!


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