Goal for the Marine Corps Marathon

Oh it’s happening! On October 22 I will be running the Marine Corps Marathon!!

This will be my 3rd marathon ever. I feel a little pressured to do better than on my first two. My first marathon time was 4:29, my second marathon time was 4:10. So as you can imagine, my main goal for the MCM is to break under 4 hours. How crazy would that be?! to be able to call myself a sub 4 hour marathoner?!

If I stay healthy and injury free, I feel very positive about achieving this.

The MCM is a relatively a flat course. And who’s complaining? This is a great race for beginners and anyone chasing a PR. Also, I train in Houston which is pretty flat, so I’m not too used to hills. Check out the MCM elevation map:

The weather is typically great for this race. All of my training will be done in the summer during the HOT, HUMID weather of Houston, TX. Although training in the summer of Houston is rough, it gives me a huge advantage when the race is in the fall with great weather conditions. That’s exactly how it went for me when I trained for the Chicago Marathon which also takes place in October. During my training I was doing 10 to 11 minute miles due to the humidity. But the day of the race, I was hitting an average of 9:15 minute miles.

I will be training with the Hansons Marathon Method. My husband got me the book on Amazon and I have been in love with it! I have only heard great things about this training. Although the longest run in the training is only 16 miles (compared to the typical 20-22), you run 6 times a week. I will be doing weekly posts of my progress for this training when I start. So stay tuned my friends! Let me know your thoughts and experience if you have used this training method before!

To say I am excited about this race is an understatement! I cannot wait!! Will you be running too? Any races coming up?


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