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We have picked our First Dance Song!

After thinking and thinking about our first dance song. We have decided! I kept listening to songs with the one purpose of finding our song. All the songs that reminded us of us were a little too fast paced and maybe not as romantic. For example, we love “That Girl” by Justin Timberlake. It has meaning to our relationship because Flavio (fiance) would always sing that song to me. But we just didn’t see it as First Dance ‘material’. So we kept digging. Until I got tired and forgot about it.

We wanted a song that:

1. Was special to us.

2. We both loved and felt connected to.

3. Would represent us and our marriage.

And I think that is probably what any couple wants for the first dance song to be. It’s gotta be special.

Then one night we were both at home in our laptops. Flavio was playing what I call a lame video game but it’s what he loves and I was blogging, of course. I usually play Pandora in the background for inspiration. And as it was playing in the background, the song hit us. We found our First Dance song and agreed without even thinking about it twice. It spoke to us! it was the one! We said yes! hehe. I want to share this song with you guys because I think it is beautiful and it is everything I want our marriage to be. It makes me want to dance when I hear it, it makes my heart go “awwww” and every time I hear the lyrics I think they are the sweetest words that anyone will love to hear. We hope to be old and wrinkly and still feel what we feel now when we listen to this song. So without any further ado, I’m sharing what will soon be a special dance for us. Enjoy it <3

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran

  • Such a great song! It great that you actually thought about what you wanted it to mean to you. Not sure if you’ll need it but if you’re looking for a new lipstick on the ‘big day’, I’m giving away Marc Jacobs lip Creme lipstick on my blog! lol Feel free to check it out!


  • Finding a first song is very difficult but you have chosen a perfect one. If you can wiz around the dance floor like ED too Lucy x

    • Ari

      Aww thank you! Everyone has been saying that. I wish we could! Lol maybe we will practice. We have time 🙂

  • Yes! This song is so amazing! I want to get married justsp I can use it as my first dance. It will be beautiful!

    • Ari

      Haha <3 thank you! I really can't wait any longer!

  • Amazing choice! I love Ed Sheeran and was blown away by this music video. Maybe you two can do the same dance? 😉

    • Ari

      Let’s just say we are not the two best dancers out there! Lol

  • Now more importantly, learning the dance from the music video to really impress your guests!

    • Ari

      Ahh I wish!! It would be easier to play the video in the background hehe

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