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Chopping off my Wedding Guest List!

The truth of the matter is that we cannot pay for 300 people to be at our wedding so I have to clean up the list a bit. Here is my reasoning on how I will go on to do this. Hope this helps you soon or in the future AND those of you married ladies and gents out there, let me know below how you cleaned up your list!

I will not be inviting:

1. The third cousin I met when I was 8 years old. I don’t know you, you may know my parents, but if you and I have not had a conversation and some quality time together, why should you share this magic moment with Flavio and I? Like, will you really be upset if you don’t go? No. Me either.

2. The friend that has not called us since we moved to another state. Flavio and I moved from Miami to Houston about a year ago. Since then, we have had friends actually visit us here and those who haven’t been able to, have called and face-timed with us so many times. But there are many that I we use to spend time together at so many parties and get-to-togethers that we have not heard of since. It’s like hellooo we had so much fun together! Don’t you remember?

3. The one month girlfriend/boyfriend my friend just got to take as a plus one. No, no, just no. Like is she worth $100 plus to us? No she isn’t. We are working so hard to have this amazing wedding and I want nothing but my friends and family there. Why should a plus one who just met my friend go? No!

4. The coworker. Don’t get me wrong on this one. I have had the chance to work with some amazing people in my short Wedding Paper Divas - Weekend Sale period of time. However, very few have evolved into being friendships. Those who have, I don’t consider you a coworker, I consider you a friend (and if you are reading this, you know you are invited). Half of Flavio’s groomsmen used to be his coworkers, so yes, coworkers become friends. But not the lady you see from 9-5 and says hi and asks about your wedding plans and never really hangs out with you after work. Love you, but please, understand…

5. The friend from Elementary School that I still see on Facebook but haven’t seen in years. Okay, so recently one of my long friends from elementary, middle and high school got married. We lost touch in college, I know. And I did not get invited to her wedding. I probably would have not been able to go because it was in Miami, but it would have been nice to be invited and not find out through Facebook that she got married. Which makes me feel okay about those friends I had thought about inviting that I won’t invite now. That cut down a chunk of the list.

It all comes down to why we are getting married. We are doing it for us. We are doing it for our memories. And we are doing it to share the moment with those who know us and have endured this journey with us. It is a special moment. Yes, it will be an awesome party but it is much more than that. It means much more than that. And I want all the people that will be at our wedding to feel and understand how special that moment will be to us . All those types of people I just mentioned from 1-5, they won’t get it. They just won’t. Our families and close friends will. And I can’t wait to see them all together in one room.


Flashes of clarity

  • I completely agree with the list above. You get married once in your lifetime, this is your special day. You want to remember each and every person you spoke with, danced with, shared your memories with. Other 2 types of people I wouldn’t invite are “Your mom’s friend who “likes” all of your Facebook posts, but whom you have never actually met” and “Anyone you think might get trashed at the wedding”. Good Luck with all your planning Ari and congratulations on your wedding!

    • ari

      haha yes I have a few of those on facebook. Thank you Alina! I can’t wait <3

  • I think people should only get plus ones if they are in serious relationships with the person and you’ve spent time with them together as a couple which I guess would mean you would be friends with that significant other too!

    • ari

      Yea! Those that I am friends with as well, or the ones that I may not be as close but are married or have been together for years. But some people pop up a plus one who I have no idea who it is lol

  • You just summed up the reasons why we eloped to Jamaica 17 years ago! It’s your day, not theirs. It sounds like you’ve got it under control! 🙂

    • ari

      That’s awesome. It has crossed our minds! haha

  • I just have to sit here for a minute and laugh because this is exactly what I went through and we finally have it narrowed down to 101 people! It’s so funny because people say it’s your day but I really think that they think they have an opinion.

    • ari

      Oh yes! Our day???!!!! We are paying all these people to come to our wedding lol. It ends up being about them… But anyways…. I think once we are wearing that gorgeous wedding dress it will feel like our day! <3 My list is at 120 right now. But it started with 200+ lol I have come a long way! Good luck in your wedding 🙂 🙂

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