Celebrate love. Daily.

Shouldn’t we celebrate love… daily?

You know, sometimes I just hate the idea that we have to choose one day to show our love and affection for each other. I mean, shouldn’t we be doing this throughout the year? Why can women AND/OR men get flowers, chocolates and nice dinners in April or October?

I just went into a convenience store and I was bombarded by all the heart shaped chocolate boxes and all the teddy bears! Like, why now? Men don’t buy women chocolates throughout the year? And do women not show any love to their men either?! Or men to men or women to women?

I always say that I am lucky because I have a hubby that surprises me with orchids at any given time, gives me chocolates during that time of month and dinner dates just because. We do celebrate Valentine’s Day. But it doesn’t mean we don’t do it throughout the year either. You have to celebrate your love for each other throughout the year, not just on one day! It is the only way to keep your relationship strong and healthy.  Most of the people that read my blog are women, but if you’re a man reading this: please show your significant other signs of love throughout the year! Not just on Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries.

bigAnyways, which brings me to another point, the single women that get depressed on Valentine’s Day. There is no need for them to be sad or upset. Valentine’s Day is stupid. Whether you are married or single. It simply is. And I hate that is the one day that reminds single people on what is wrong with them and why are they single. There is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing wrong with being single and there is nothing wrong with spending Valentine’s day alone. Make an anti-valentine party! Have fun with it! I would suggest playing “Single Ladies” from Beyonce because that’s my jam! And anytime it comes up I sing it, even if I have a ring on it. It is just such an awesome song. I’ll sing it and pretend I have Beyonce’s thighs and dance to it.

And in regards to how I celebrate Valentine’s Day. As you guys know I am engaged and planning a wedding. So we are two love birds. However, we use this day to keep it personal between us two and celebrate it in our privacy rather than going out on the night that everyone is out celebrating what they haven’t celebrated all year long: Love. Every year we write down 12 amazing things (one for each month) that happened in our relationship from one Valentines Day to the next. We write it it in little pieces of cutout cardboard hearts and add it to a mason jar that I decorated. It is a nice way of looking back and pulling out all the positive memories that we had. We keep those memories in there to look back at any time. So this year, we will do the same. But also this is our first year spending Valentine’s Day after moving in together. So I want to do something special, simple and romantic of course. A nice dinner made by “moi”! To be honest, I am a terrible cook. So we will see how that goes…

Now, I hope everyone enjoys it in their own special or non special way. But remember that on February 15, love doesn’t stop or hides in a box until next year. And for single people, February 14 is not the day to question your life. You are still as perfect as you were the day before.  




  • I’m single and don’t really have any plans, but I do love the cute stuff that stores have.. The store I used to work for had Valentine’s stuff even before Christmas!!! I bought a mug… omg so pretty

    • Ari

      Yes they post cute stuff. Things they only sell at this time of year. It’s such a marketing thing I guess. It’s also the month that they sell the most roses out of the year

  • The heart messages in the jar is the best idea ever!

    • Ari

      Aww thank you! I love doing it <3

  • I’ve always had terrible Valentines Days any-ways, and I’ve met someone recently and I HATE all the pressure that people are piling on me to do something special.
    I really do love that idea of the cut-out cardboard hearts, that is really sweet!

    • Ari

      I know it’s so much pressure on both sides of the relationship. It feels like you’re forced to get that person something when you can do it any other day more naturally. But oh well.. Hope this Valentine’s Day goes better than previous years 🙂

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