The Beginning of Something Beautiful

From Miami to HoustonI’m on to a new city, a new adventure, a new beginning, and all for love.

Who knew I had that in me? The guts to leave it all for love. To put all your eggs in one basket and hope this love is as real as it feels.


I’m embarking this journey of life and love and sharing it here. Making this blog the hub of feelings that I need to so eagerly express. I invite you to read my thoughts, my hopes, my dreams, my failures and share yours with me too. I hope to constantly look back at this blog and read about the stories that shaped me into who I am. Maybe my kids will read it someday.. who knows?!

I will be busy with moving, with finding a job, with learning to cook, learning to live with someone, learning to get around a new city, learning to be far from my family, and even learn that boots and cowboy hats are a normal thing there.

Let’s do this. Let’s start the beginning of something beautiful.




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