A Selfie Stick and NYC

What a crowded but beautiful city. The city has too much personality. It shines. It screams success, struggle, passion, thrive, determination, fashion, individuality, toughness and most of all, dreams. As I walked through the city, I heard so many different accents and saw so many different faces. I walked through the city at 4pm and and 3am, and if it wasn’t for the color of the sky, I wouldn’t know the difference.

I did what tourists do and with a selfie stick. Went to statue of liberty, went up the Empire state building, walked through central park, stared at times squares and walked through Brooklyn bridge.

img_7618If  you are a How I Met your Mother fan:

You should take time to have lunch at McGee’s pub which is the inspiration for MacLaren’s bar from HIMYM. The padded booths and mural walls the show’s focal point in MacLaren’s bar, came from this bar. It’s said that it was here where the writers Bays and Thomas would get inspirations and write parts of their script. Check out THE booth on the right.

I also made sure to take time to admire the beautiful 9/11 memorial. I was never lucky enough to see the Twin Towers in person. To say this 9/11 memorial was beautiful, is an understatement. I felt goosebumps as I stood there. I couldn’t help but to go back in time to when it all happened.

I was in a 5th grade classroom in Miami watching the towers burn on TV. At my school, parents were rushing to school to pick up their kids. I was confused. I couldn’t understand why this act was meant on purpose. I had no idea what terrorism even meant. My 5th grade self thought it must have been an accident from the pilot. And I only thought: Poor pilot. Poor passengers and poor people in those towers. And then I thought about those who weren’t there but where affected by loosing their loved ones. That is exactly what I thought about again when I stood at the 9/11 memorial. May all of those family remain strong.img_7596

Looking forward to visiting New York again soon. The New York City Marathon may be my next visit there.

But before I end this, let me leave you with some great selfie stick photos.


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