5 thoughts from watching Elite Runners at the Houston Marathon

This past weekend I volunteered at the Houston Marathon as a race timer. I gotta tell ya’, it is the best volunteering role you can have at any marathon! I was at the start and finish line watching all the elite runners…And timing them, of course!

I couldn’t help but get goosebumps and a nervous tingly feeling for them. I was probably more nervous than them. It’s quite admirable to see the determination and hard work from these men and women. It’s such an art. As I watch them warm-up, then start, then finish, I had quite a few thoughts/questions.

Here’s what went through my mind that morning:

  1. They carb load AND have those abs? These men and women had ZERO fat on their bellies, or their entire body for that matter. I couldn’t take my eyes off their abs. Have they ever had a slice of pizza? Stupid questions, of course they do. They just train 20x more than I do…I consider myself a skinny person. But hey, a roll comes out from time to time.
  2. Did they just sprint to the finish line? Sooo they can go even faster than that 5-minute pace DURING a marathon… Listen, during the Chicago Marathon in Oct ’16, I was on mile 25 and decided to run as fast as I could to the finish line. From 1-10 (10 being the fastest) I think I went from running at level 6 to running at level 6.1. And my body probably looked like I was running at level 10. Where is that extra energy stored?!
  3. Did they just finish the marathon? According to my calculations, I would’ve been on mile 15. HOW? It is truly an amazing thing to watch. It is insane to see how much your body is capable of doing! I try picturing myself running at their pace and I don’t think I could even keep up for a mile with them. But hey, it’s in the works! (At least for 1 mile…)
  4. How do their toenails look? I run at an average of 9 min miles… My big toe nail on my left foot is bruised, and my middle toe nail on my left foot is always hanging on to life. As gross as this may be, I would really like to take a look at their toes… Do elite runners get pedicures?
  5. How do they feel the next day? I couldn’t walk the next day after my first marathon. The day after my second marathon, I felt a lot better and managed to walk like normal people. So do these elite runners feel any soreness the next day?

After watching those guys run, I went for a 10 mile run that night.

I felt like a turtle.




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