My days must be shorter yours

I get stuck in a cycle kind of like this: wake up, work, exercise, sleep, wait, wine, sleep, repeat. And yes, watching TV while I drink my wine or going to exercise is “me” time. But even while I do those things, my mind is thinking about others things. I am […]


It wasn’t Houston. It was me.

Sometimes all you need is drinks and some girl talk. Being new to a city can be hard at times. Making friends after college is not as easy as it used to be. The first friends I made when moving to Houston, happened to be two guys. And that’s fine because […]

Its the little things

It’s all about the little things

It’s all about the little things It is. I would not give up the beautiful moments and acts of love I receive from Flavio for a million bucks. Unless I can get both, then in that case. Heck yes! But what I am saying is, I have recently been thinking […]

You are not in love

Why do men feel like they need to get certain things out of their system? Do they? If they don’t will it ruin their marriage after a few years? Can they settle for the perfect woman once they meet her? Last week I had a conversation with someone. After a few […]

NYC (1)

I am breaking up with my kitchen.

I dislike you kitchen. I am tired of cooking bad food. We have had enough and honestly, it’s not you, it’s me. My lovely small kitchen in our apartment is pretty, it’s small but spacious with a beautiful counter (marble replica), great cabinets nice stainless steel microwave and refrigerator and […]

Blog Thrive Conference

Thrive Blog Conference

The Thrive Blog Conference was held February 27-28 as a way to learn and network with fellow bloggers. I was only able to participate Friday night since it I found about this event super late and tickets for Saturday were closed! However, in just one night I was able to […]

Wedding in Plum

Something Plum

Growing up purple had always been my color. My room was always purple. My school supplies were always purple. My book bag. My highlighter. My favorite pen. My favorite sweater. My favorite nail polish. You get the point. So when picking colors for our wedding there was no doubt I […]


Confessions of an Introvert

Last week I briefly touched upon how hard it has been to make friends in a new city. It really has been and as I talked to other bloggers, we all had the same point on that it is partly due to our introvert personalities. There are many social things […]